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Aquarium {adventures}

This past weekend, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my love and a few friends. It was free for anyone who lived in the tricounty area, and we couldn’t pass that up! We love the aquarium. Above are moon jellies, aren’t they so cool?

  Here’s a view of the kelp forest. The aquarium filters in water from the ocean to keep this forest healthy! It’s so cool to see it from the bottom floor of the aquarium; looking up it feels as though you’re standing on the seafloor.
My love’s favorite: cuttlefish! These are a part of the Tentacles exhibit. They change colors as they move around; I could watch these little guys for hours! We saw them being fed as well, and it was so fascinating to see!

Jellies! The jellyfish exhibit is one of my favorites. There are so many types of jellies! They look particularly awesome all lit up.


Tube anemones looking pretty psychadelic – I love these.

I saved the best for last: OTTERS! California sea otters are my absolute favorite. We literally sat there for an hour watching them because nobody could drag me away. They’re cute and playful, and they have the densest fur of any mammal to help keep them warm! My favorite thing that otters do is hold hands so they don’t drift apart while they sleep – so adorable!

Visits to the aquarium make me a happy bee! (:



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