Academy of Sciences {Adventures}

If you live in the San Francisco area or plan on traveling there, I highly advise checking out the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park! We went there this weekend to celebrate my mom and my cousin’s birthdays, and my family and I had so much fun. There is so much to see! 

We started with the living roof; The Academy began as the Steinhart Aquarium but as they chose to expand, they lifted the ground from the park and slid the building under it (according to the signs on the roof)! Isn’t that so cool?! You can see the deYoung Museum from up there, and there are many plants and animals to see. 

  Our next stop was the Natural History Museum, where you can discover, hold, and explore real natural materials, like rocks and shells, as well as seeing animals and skulls that have been preserved. It’s fascinating! 


We got to hold a nautilus shell and see all sorts of butterflies! 

Next we explored the rainforest dome, which was easily my favorite part. It’s hotter than blazes in there, but you’re surrounded by beautiful palms, 

crazy amphibians, 

And majestic butterflies! I actually got to see my favorite, the Blue Morpho, up close, and one almost landed on my nose! I was in heaven. 

There is even more to see than what I described, but I’ll let you discover that on your own! Have you ever been to the Academy of Sciences? What’s your favorite part? Where’s another good adventure spot? Let me know in a comment! (: 


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