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Aquarium Date {OOTD} 

Recently, my love and I celebrated being together for a year and a half by making a trip down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We had so much fun enjoying one of our favorite places!  

Outfit details: Maxi Dress from Target ($27.99) – similar, Sandals from Lulu’s ($17), and Kate Spade Cobble Hill Ellen ($125 from Nordstrom Rack). 

My favorite part of the day was Otter nap time! Otters are my favorite animals, so I can spend hours just watching them. Seeing them sleeping was so darn cute, I was so happy!

There were many beautiful anemones at the aquarium – I love searching for anemones in tide pools but I had never seen one so pink before! It’s pretty awesome. 

Here is my obligatory photo of their majestic kelp forest! I could look at this all day, it is gorgeous and is teeming with life. There are fish, sharks, and more swimming amongst the kelp. 

Nautilus are some of the oldest creatures in the sea, and they are crazy-looking! Their shells are really cool; they make larger chambers and close off their old one as they grow larger (see picture below). These creatures are ancient and mysterious, and wonderful! 

Also, one of the giant octopuses came out to say hello! 

What is your favorite part of the aquarium?  Tell me in a comment below! 


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