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{Teaching Tuesday} Thanksgiving Activities

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I love the togetherness and the gratefulness of Thanksgiving. The kiddos are already whipped up on the idea of Christmas so I’ve been focusing on getting them to slow down on focus on the things that they already do have.

We sent home all of the little ones’ artwork so that their families could decorate for Thanksgiving. We are usually open the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we bake a large pumpkin pie to send home with each child. This helps them learn that this holiday is about sharing and acknowledging the things and people you are grateful for.


We made flint corn by Q-Tip painting on yellow paper with brown, orange, and red paints, then cutting it out in the shape of corn and adding their handprint “corn husks.” I also made a wreath for the bulletin board with the leftover paper.

The children also made handprint art of The Mayflower. I gave them a light blue paper with white crayon waves and asked them to paint below the wave line with blue paint. Some kids were more into it than others, and some painted on so much water that it looked like their Mayflower was in a fierce storm! This is always a favorite project of mine.


We also sent home Autumn “leaf” wreathes. Last year we picked up leaves from outside for this but they turned brown before they even got sent home, so this year I put out an extra-large piece of kraft paper and let all of the kids (even some of the toddlers joined in) paint it with red, orange, and yellow paint. Then I cut out leaves using a stencil and let them glue on as many as they like on a paper plate. It’s a fun project but required a lot of teacher work.

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday and thinking of all of the reasons to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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